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A Story

Sadly, while I dont have the resources to browse through the teeming hundreds of stories, I'll tell my tale, although, I am certain there are many like it. Rather than bore you with just another taste=throwup style tale, I'll describe the courage tantamount to climbing Everest that I had to put forth, just be near the dreaded leaves.

As if admitting the vile weed into the U.S. wasnt bad enough, we have a local 'restaurant' (and I use that term very loosely) called: you guessed it: CILANTRO'S. I dont know if its more than just a local deal, God-forbid its gone national, and if wont be able to walk by without getting shot in the face by a perfume of the sickly air.
I have to admit: my wife is a fan of the poison (although I did not know this pre-proposal, there isnt much I can do about it now...even the best divorce laywers say its not grounds for dismissal), so she talked me into stopping in. I kid you not: they have cilantro in EVERY SINGLE THING THEY SERVE. They even serve little cups full of nothing but pureed, green weeds, so you can pour even more of the gak on top of whatever weed-laden entre's they serve. How in the world they thought that french-fries with cilantro on them would be a good idea, I'll never know, but in the end...I just couldnt bring myself to eat at the establishment. I had to hightail it across a parking lot and eat in a shoddy Wal-Mart deli to keep my body pure (going on 5 years now...cilantro free).

The moral of this twisted tale is this: I am not saying there is a conspiracy, but if there is...I believe it with all my heart, that some sick branch of the world order is trying to get us to add the mind-controling substance into our bodies of our own will. Dont do it...dont succumb to the spicy green weeds.