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A Story

I was working as a courtesy clerk at an upscale grocery store in Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto,CA circa 1977.
A customer who's groceries I was bagging told the clerk that they had forgotten to pick up a bunch of cilantro, at which time I was instructed to go and retrieve a bunch for them in the produce section. Upon my return, I asked said customers what the herb was used for. She reported that it had an incredible flavor that could enhance most dishes. The woman then broke off a leaf and offered me a taste. I thanked her put it in my mouth and smiled saying that she was right, it did have a wonderful flavor. I then excused myself and went straight to the Brach's candy display to get a something peppermint. The taste was so vile that I can still remember 30 years later, my introduction to this noxious herb. I can't remember in what year my wife and kids were born, I can't remember in what year my parents passed away, I can't remember what year it was that my 49ers last won the Super Bowl, but I can remember my first brush with the distasteful weed. Being a big Mexican food fan, I still have to keep my guard up at all times when ordering. Comments from the Taqueria owner saying that there is just a little cilantro in the guacamole don't fool me, because there is no such thing as a little cilantro. I luckily have found a taqueria owned by an El Salvadorian who never uses lard or even worse cilantro.