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A Story

I cannot remember where it was that I first injested the evil herb (probably blocked it from my memory as a autonomic defense mechanism), but I do remember the reaction from my body. Belching for two days is not a fun hobby. Now I am not afraid to bring my own blissfully cilantro-free salsa to Mexican restaurants or to ask for some other sauce if I forget to bring it. I have discovered that some really great sauces are lurking back in the kitchens just waiting for a cilantrophobe to ask for them.

Once when going out to a holiday breakfast with my group at work, one woman who knew of my disgust for the evil herb made up a NO CILANTRO sign for me. The year before I had ordered a Mexican omelet which was contaminated with the green scourge. Large warnings should be on every menu item and product that contains cilantro.

I firmly believe that the same person that brought Kudzu to the American southern states brought cilantro to our shores. Thinking about that person almost makes me want to condone torture. I crave Mexican food and love Thai food, but I an contantly vigilant lest a deranged cook slip a single leaf of the vile garbage into my food. I am so glad that all of you cilantro haters are out there. I don't feel so alone any more.