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A Story

I am absolutely overjoyed to find this site. I honestly thought...I was the only person in the world who hated it. I'm not sure if it's a genetic problem, however. My mother and father (my grand-mere especially) always ridicule me for my intense hatred of the herb. And yet, most restaurants are simply not decent enough to list it as an ingredient on the menu!

My grand-mere, a...well a very good cook (she had hopes of becoming a chef at one point...why does it seem that the chefs are always so incredibly defensive about the virtues of a heaping handful of cilantro?!) She...every d*** year tries to weasel some into a dish. And of course, no one else in my family understands the hatred...the utter disgust of the herb. They get angry when I say frankly "grand-mere, I despise cilantro and all that it stands for. You are a great chef, but cilantro is from hell!" I'm forced to ingest, my opinion at least one sprig is a large quantity. I can taste it in anything.

She made an absolutely wonderful dish last for one thing which really tainted my like of most things she cooks...I got one bite with a leaf in it...and I was sent wretching.

Is it so rude to tell people that what they cook isn't bad, but their choice of ingredients is terrible? I don't think so! And...well I'm just so grateful to find people who feel the same way...