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A Story

The first time I tried cilantro was over 15 years ago in Mexico. This was before the cilantro trend hit America. Mexicans serve what is basically salsa, which they describe as 'salad.' Personally, I never liked the smell of the 'salad,' so I would never really eat it. Then, one day, I was eating at a Mexican friend's house. To be polite, I took some of this 'salad' and thought I could at least eat a few bites.

Eating that turned my stomach. I was so, so nauseous, I thought I was going to vomit. I never knew that there was cilantro in the salad, just that there was some spice in there that I didn't like.

Then, several years later, cilantro started appearing in my beloved guacamole and salsa! I adore both of these, so it was horrific to see the spread of the dreaded cilantro. This is also when I discovered the name of the awful green crap.

Just to let everyone know out there, I also have the same reaction to anise, which is in the same spice family as cilantro. Anyone else have an aversion to anise as well??