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A Story

I really need to get something off of my chest regarding cilantro. I have been angry about this for so long, that I feel relief to have finally found a forum with some sympathetic ears: Why do Cali-Mex food chains like Chipotle and Qdoba mix CILANTRO into all of their rice!!?!?? I don't know about Qdoba, but Chipotle doesn't even have non-cilantro rice hiding in the back, at least at the outlet near my old job. So many people hate cilantro. It makes absolutely no sense why they would create a situation that makes it impossible for any of us to consume any of their food. I would happily wait for normal rice, just like I would happily wait for a plain hamburger at a fast food joint. They should at least make non-nasty rice an option. Ugh. No one I know understands how foul cilantro is. They say "oh, so you think it tastes like soap?" I would much rather eat a bar of soap than eat cilantro. Thanks for listening.