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A Story

I was 16. My grandmother had bought a frozen prepared dish. Noodles.
At first I thought that it was awful because it was a frozen prepared dish: spongy meat ball, clocked in a plastic bowl.
I hated it. And my grandmother did not understand. "But it's very good!"
"No.. It tastes like plastic!"
At that time I didn't know it was Cilantro. Later on, I had another bad experiment with Cilantro. My aunt cooked us something delicious, but there were something disturbing in the flavor... "I'm sorry but... There is something I don't really like in your cooking... A spice... Ugh"
"Oh ! Is it coriander? You don't like coriander?"
"I don't know" I replied, "I've never eaten coriander"
So she made me smell the coriander jar and I gasped.
"I hate it"
And then I remembered the Noodle dish.
My grandmother told me that my grandfather also hated Cilantro, he also thought that it tasted like plastic. Maybe it's a genetic issue.
It's horrible.