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A Story

I'd only rarely come across c****** a few times in my youth growing up in the East Coast; I'd recognize the taste, but couldn't identify it. And of course, no one else knew what I was talking about. It wasn't until I moved to California 15 years ago and ordered something at a Round Table Pizza, and suffered the consequences, that a friend let me in on the hows and whys of my nasty little secret. Since then I've suffered alone; c******* always seems to pop up without warning whenever I'm the hungriest. Now that I've found this website, I'm coming out of the closet (about c*******, that is) and will be more proactive. From now on, I will no longer fear returning c*******-containing food back to the kitchen! If chefs don't know about the dangers of c*******, how will they ever learn, and when will we get treated fairly?