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A Story

My story began with my favorite dish of all time, guacamole. I was but a young teen who had a passion for avocados and guacamole-- my mom is known for her recipe. She keeps it quite simple, just the avocado, diced onion, a squeeze of lime, crushed pepper and spices. I could eat it all day. This is where my love of guacamole first originated. Naturally, I would always say yes to guacamole on the side of dishes at restaurants. But, it really just never met the level that my mom's guac did for me. At first, I assumed it was just because my mom's guac is what I am used to. But I really wanted to get to the bottom of my dislike towards any guacamole that I purchased in stores or at restaurants. This continued to stump me until one day, I was at a gathering, and there were two choices of guacamole; one with cilantro and one without. And THIS is when my hatred for cilantro began. I was able to completely differentiate its horrid and toxic taste in the innocent guacamole. Now I ask for my guacamole WITHOUT CILANTRO