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A Story

I never lived in a place with good Mexican food until I moved to San Francisco, so I was looking forward to a great burrito on a regular basis. But from the very first burrito,there was this weird taste that got more and more overpowering the more I ate. I kept trying again with different burritos but the results were the same. Finally I isolated the taste to a small, evil-looking green-brown speck. Cilantro!!! My nemesis had a name. Since then I eat my burritos salsa-free, which is a shame since I really like salsa without cilantro. As if struggling with cilantro oneself isn't bad enough, there's a whole cult of hippied-out cilantro-loving in San Francisco. Is it such a crime not to LOVE Thai food, where that hated herb is sprinkled liberally throughout every dish? Is it so horrendous not to want a huge bunch of nasty weeds dumped on everything I eat? Where's the love for those of us who don't want our food to taste like spicy shoes?