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A Story

Honestly, my story is not that bad. I find cilantro nasty, but it's not like I lost everything I love over it. Also, my story is bland, boring, just a "huh, I don't like this at all," but here goes:

I was at my house, my God-Aunt (not REALLY my aunt, but we call her that, like, not related in any way, marriage or blood) was staying at our house for a few days because she was in town. We were making tacos, and my "Aunt" had bought a few ingredients for the guacamole, including this deep green leafy stuff. I'm like, "ohhh, I actually like vegetables, so maybe this will taste good." W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!! I took a big bite, and made a big mistake. It was cilantro, and I was mortified because I couldn't believe it could taste so BAD!!! It was like: bitter-but-salty, metallic, soap!!!! I immediately spit it out and rinsed my mouth out for a while, and drank some juice to cover the taste. I asked what it was and my "Aunt" said it was cilantro. I was like, I don't like it. She was like "GIRL, U don't like CILANTRO?" I was like, "ye" so she said "alright."

And that's it. Like I said boring! Most of my fam was all, "Oh, how can u not like it?" But they honestly didn't really care. They were like, "Well, if u don't like it, then u don't like it." So ye.

Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. -A Fellow Cilantro Hater!