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A Story

my boyfriend got me into trying lots of new foods... it was great since i had pretty limited/picky food preferences.
i kept coming across this taste though... i couldn't pick out what it was, and couldn't really decide what it tasted like. it just made me think "dirty water." i kept coming across foods with that "dirty water" taste and it was totally offensive and turned me away from a lot of things i could have liked.
finally he had me try chipotle... there it was again!
i went to chipotle twice, trying it, and thought i HATED it. finally i realized it was the rice that had the dirty water taste... and he told me the rice was covered in cilantro.
i picked out a small piece of cilantro and tasted it -- this was the culprit! this is the guy who offended my tastebuds and skewed my opinion of all these wonderful new foods.
from that day on i've been extremely anti-cilantro and i voice my opinion as often as possible.
chipotle with NO RICE, okay.