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A Story

Cilantro = Nasty

I too, have been traumatized by the vileness of cilantro. It is the most heinous tasting thing EVER.

Ever since I tasted it in California as a 14 year old, I have hated it. Yet, I never knew what it was until I was about 18. I just knew that whatever it was made me have a gag reflex. It was very prevelent at Chili's as well - in the pico de then I stopped getting anything w/ pico de gallo. But I realized soon enough that CILANTRO was the culprit.

It is in Thai food. It is in Tex Mex...bad enough. But now, it is some sort of trendy herb..umm I mean vile weed, that restaurants put in EVERYTHING. California Pizza Kitchen puts it on everything! Gag me with a spoon!

Now, every time I go to a restaurant, no matter, what I'm ordering, I say, "That doesn't have any cilantro on it, right?"...and I make them check.

Because cilantro is the one thing, that is VERY hard to pick out of your food, and can turn perfectly edible food into garbage. It makes me vomit.