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A Story

What a relief to find a group of like-minded, right thinking people in this world. I am ALLERGIC to cilantro. By "Allergic", I don't imply an aversion or intense hate on religious or moral grounds.

It started when I was 23. My soon-to-be-Ex (towards whom I may also have been allergic) repeatedly cooked with this poisonous herb. It took years to decipher the root cause to the following symptoms:

1) Blisters the size of mosquito bites erupting all over the body.

2) Similar blisters lining the underside of eyelids, causing intense itching of the eyes.

3) Blisters erupting inside the ear canal, rendering me incapacitated of any activity other than itching furiously for hours with 2 Q-tips.

4) Contraction of the air passages and inability to breathe.

Would one sell tear gas or cyanide at the produce aisle? Heck no! This poisonous substance needs to be FDA-controlled.