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A Story

I am a 6'2" mild mannered man by nature. I love most things food and entertainment. I even have two little Shih Tzu puppies that I love and adore. Thats how nice I am. But man you get me near cilantro and all bets are off. My wife loves to eat ethnic foods and me being the mild mannered good sport that I am try to accomadate her multicultural food desires whenever I can. She suggested a thai restaurant for dinner. I said "noodles thats cool. I dig noodles... sure lets go" I bellowed. Well when we got there we ordered an apetizer. Spring rolls to be precise. I was like "hmm rice paper, noodles, shrimp so far so good." WRONG. Hidden in these beautifully little wrapped nuggets of joy is pure evil. Yeup you guessed in CILANTRO!!! Apparently they chop it up real fine and thin and even put some mint in there to throw you off the Cilantro trail. "Why I tell you WHY???" Up to that point we were having a wonderful evening. Then wham.... one bite of cilantro and it was argument city...population 2. I couldn't taste anything good for the rest of that night because the cilanto left such a vile taste on my tongue. My pad thai was ruined, my evening was ruined. Even my little puppers wouldn't come near me when I got home. Luckily I had some icecream and that apparently washes the cilantro crude from your mouth. Once that ice cream was finished I was back to normal. Man o Man. DOWN THE WITH CILANTRO I SAY.........Thanks for listening peeps.