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A Story

The first time I remember tasting this gross crap was about 5 years ago. I had knee surgery and a kind(?) coworker brought me dinner one night. I was soo hungry, because I was depending on my husband to bring me meals (I couldn't get upstairs to the kitchen) and he had forgotten me once again. The food (it was some kind of vegetarian rice/pasta dish) was still hot and I got back in bed with the plate and a spoon and dug in. Oh my God! What is this taste that's making my throat muscles tighten up and making me wince?? It tasted so bad I couldn't straighten my face back out... I was wincing and spitting the food back onto the plate. I hobbled to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and brushed the back of my tongue and rinsed for about 15 minutes trying to get rid of every fraction of that horrible taste. I didn't know what it was though. Then a couple of weeks ago I got a chicken quesadilla at Whole Foods market, heated it up, and AAAHHHH!! That taste again!! I read the ingredients and I saw cilantro was one of them. So that's what that nasty stuff was 5 years ago!! At least now I know what it's called so I can tell people not to put it in my food. I thought I was safe but a couple of nights ago my husband brought home a roasted chicken from a Spanish chicken place, and CRAP! One bite and I could taste that they had used cilantro to rub on the outside of the chicken. My husband was so hurt (and confused) that I wouldn't eat it, but no freakin way! Since that happened, I've developed this actual fear of tasting it again. Like I'm almost afraid to eat anything I didn't cook myself. I have a fear of having it in my mouth and being out somewhere that I can't brush my teeth. Are people who like this stuff insane? Like those people who eat (and chew) their pills because something is broken in their brains that make them not realize something tastes horrible? I have no respect for people who *like* this stuff. It's one thing if they say oh it doesn't bother me much, but if I saw someone eating it on purpose, like biting into a sprig of it, I would lose every ounce of respect for that person. I know that makes me sound crazy but that's just how deeply I despise the taste of that nasty green crap.