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A Story

It was a party, in my teenage years. My aunty had lovingly made all her own appetisers. There were these small rice balls which looked quite appetising. I popped one in my mouth and started to chew, but something wasn't right, a flavour, I'm not even sure if it was a flavour, it was more just a sense of seomthing wrong, something just OFF. I'm not a fussy eater, I'll eat practically anything. I simply couldn't swallow it. I just kept chewing it in horror. And I couldn't spit it out, my aunty was nearby watching. Eventually I managed to sneak outside and deposit it in the garden. What was it that made this seemingly ordinary rice ball impossible to swallow?

In those days I had a running thing going with my younger brother, he was hard up for cash and I'd dare him to do things for money. So I bet him $10 he couldn't swallow one of those rice balls. $10 was a lot of money for him back then, but try as he might he also couldn't bring himself to swallow it!

What was it that made these rice balls impossible to swallow? I found out many years later. I'm sure you know the answer.