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A Story

I think the first time I had cilantro was in some salad. I had had salad before, of course, but I was pretty sure salad wasn't supposed to taste like that. But what could I say? It looked like lettuce, so what was it that I found so offensive? I choked down as much as I could, and for a while I was free of this taste, until I went out to a nice restaurant where I ordered some fish, which I wholeheartedly enjoy. But this "fish" contained a taste so vile, so offensive and so repugnant that I could not eat it, and I was told, "that's cilantro." Now, due to the spread of this horrible "spice," I have to check menus and sometimes even ask if there is cilantro in a dish. Imagine. I have to ask people if they put something in my food that tastes bad. I shouldn't have to ask that, but I do! I think cilantro tastes like stink bugs or paper, but it's much worse than that. I know from biology that several plants have evolved to have an unpleasant taste so animals don't eat them. Well, this is the nasty plant even the other nasty plants think is nasty. If people want to eat it, fine, but items on a menu with cilantro should be highlighted, underlined and circled to warn people with taste that that food contains the king of all foul weeds.