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A Story

My 2nd anniversary and my husband spent all day and lots of money creating the perfect anniversary meal which consisted of crab cakes (main spice - cilantro) and morrocan trout (covered in cilantro). He tried so hard, I had to eat it. (Picture goosebumps and cold sweats - but nonetheless eaten.) I said something gentle about the interesting flavour cilantro imparted so feelings weren't hurt, and I wasn't quite sure if I really liked it - ha ha. Point not taken but since I do the cooking it stays out of the house.

Fast forward 6 years. Six sweet cilatro-free years, and my husband has found a new favourite viet-thai place to eat lunch (about 3 times a week). I couldn't stand the smell of him when he got home. I found his pores were emitting some putrid gangrene-like smell everytime he ate there. You guessed it! It was metabolised cilantro. He loves it!!! He even eats the cilantro sprig meant for garnish.

I have two kids with this man. I'm so confused.