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Wait! Is it Coriander or Cilantro?
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A Story

First off... here in New Zealand, we know cilantro as "coriander", so obviously this little herb has adapted to survive in many far-off countries. I first came across "cilantro" when I wanted to plant a herb garden, and simultaneously began reading some of my recipe books - many recipes called for the use of "coriander". Fine. I knew I wanted the old parsley, mint, and even a bit of thyme, but hey, why not try some of this oft-mentioned "coriander". So, innocently I planted all of the above herbs.... looking GREAT in the herb box.. I'd pick a bit of parsley and munch on it, smugly patting myself on the back for 'growing my own'. But then.... I pulled off a lush-looking piece of Cilantro/Coriander - looking so much like my beloved Parsley, I couldn't wait to savour the taste....... OH. MY. GOD. To say I needed an anti-emetic would be an understatement! The taste! The TEXTURE! THE HORROR!!!!! I'm now re-living the trauma so I just can't go on, suffice to say I WON'T be cooking with THAT herb, it's been pulled up and relegated to the compost!!