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A Story

It tastes like soap! It's bizarre that people like this vile stuff! My mom loves it, and used to put it in everything she cooked, despite my pleas, until she heard somewhere that if cilantro tastes like soap to you, that means you're allergic to it. Well, before that happened, I had an experience that certainly supported that theory. On my first date with a guy who I had just been friends with for a while, we had lunch at a small Thai cafe, then went on to a local science museum. I hadn't eaten much of my food, since it was positively TEEMING with cilantro, and although I tried because I was starving, I could not get past the horrid taste. Shortly after arriving at the museum, I began to feel ill and tried to ignore it...until I vomited right on the musical stairs, while my date tried to both hold back my hair and pretend not to know me at the same time.

And yet, dear readers, he still dated me for over a year. Turns out, he hated cilantro too.