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A Story

The first time I experienced cilantro was at a Mexican restaurant (I believe "Uncle Julio's") about 15 years ago. I was there with a party of about 10 people, family and friends.

We were trying the salsa as we waited to order, and we all thought it tasted absolutely awful. It was clear to us that the bowl that the salsa was placed in hadn't been washed properly, because the salsa tasted like dish soap. So we told the waiter and he brought another one.

A minute later we're waiving the waiter down again.

After a third bowl and the waiter going to the kitchen to check on the salsa, the waiter is certain that the salsa is not tainted with dish soap. The waiter eventually asks "are you sure you're not tasting the cilantro?" Confused, we're all wondering what cilantro is exactly, and hunt for the little green leaves in the salsa that the waiter points out.

In the end we're all left speechless, stunned as to why someone would willingly eat such a thing. The waiter sheepishly said something like "yea some people say that."