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A Story

I grew up in Italy, a cilantro free country (trust me, I spent 33 years there, and I never had to eat it, I didn't even know that such thing could exist).
Then I moved to USA, and I was soon invited to try the Mexican/Californian burrito. It actually looked to me like a very interesting thing to eat, but eventually, after I tested something like dish soap in it, I leave it there.
the second episode was at a Thai restaurant, I've got a soup that time. Well, I tested the same disgusting thing.
"Something wrong", I asked my american wife, "there is something here that taste very bad, exactly like that burrito".
"mmmh...", my wife said, "maybe is the cilantro!".
"the ci what?"
"that green thing, see?"
"but, isn't it parsley?"
"not really, try to taste a piece..."
Than I realize. Unfortunately I like those restaurant, so I always have to make sure there won't be cilantro in my food, which sometime it doesn't work.
Not long time ago I was in a Cinese restaurant and I forgot to ask my usual question to the waiter. So he came back with my meal, with a lot of fresh cilantro on top. The waiter was rushing, and almost start to mix the whole thing.
"noooooooooooo!", I sayed, "I don't really like this green thing, so I would like to remove it first"
"no problem", he said.
He removed it to quikly, some small pieces were still there, but he started to mix it anyway.
"noooooooooooo!", I interrupted him again, "I'll take care of it, thank you".
That waiter looked really surprised, I guess he could't believe that I hate that thing so much!