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A Story

The same restaurants that served "staple" dishes for years in the DC area have chosen to put cilantro in these menu items.
If it's not broke don't fix it!!!
Most recently, the occidental grill served me an avocado and crab meat salad with cilantro. I have been enjoying that menu item for years without the vile weed and the waiter even commented how often it is now sent back because of the addition of cilantro.
I personaly think cilantro should ALWAYS be listed as an ingredient as it is a foul, objectionable, vile, overpowering ingredient to any food dish.
Another local establishment has ruined their entire menu with cilantro. Most long time residents of DC remember the original Rio Grande restaurant in Behtesda, Md. It is now being franchised and every dish comes with a dose of cilantro.
No one I know like cilantro so who is eating this crap?
I have a simple explanation. Stupid, spineless diners eat this stuff because they have no palate and they lack the backbone to admit they hate something that is fashionable.
Restaurants make a fortune selling water (now that it's bottled and they charge) and beer to wash down this cilantro laced food.
I would rather chew double mint gum throughout dinner than eat cilantro.