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A Story

First time I tasted coriander/cilantro was in an indian restaurant. I had just received my meal, took a first bite, then this foul taste started spreading itself throughout my whole head....well thats what it felt like anyway. I immediately ran to the toilet and spat it out. There is no possible way that I could ever swallow this toxic weed. I was just about to complain to the waiter that the food he had served me was off. But then my friend informed me of the existence of a weed called cilantro. Another time, I was visiting a friend, and as I walked into her kitchen, I could smell it....MY ENEMY, CORIANDER!!! The smell was so pungent, I felt very sick. Almost had to vomit, and i probably offended her when I told her this! Ha! But her deed was unforgivable, she was ruining a pasta sauce with cilantro! PASTA! How is this possible? In the whole of Italy, there is not a molecule of cilantro! Any Italian would be offended if they heard of this toxic experiment waisting perfectly good pasta. What is even worse, is that i actually saw a dish containing cilantro on a menu in a so-called Italian restaurant!!! How dare they bring shame upon the Cucina Italiana like that! Can someone please develop a virus or something that kills only cilantro?