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A Story

My cilantro story began a couple of years ago during my first year of college. I had this little guinea pig who I would buy fresh produce for every once in a while to keep him happy. I usually got parsley, but one time I picked up cilantro for a change. When I got home, I took it out of the bag to give it to him, and the smell seemed to permeate my skin and made my hands feel raw where it had touched them. Not to mention I was getting one of the worst headaches of my life. I threw it in the cage (he loved it) and put the bag in the refridgerator. I then washed my hands about fifty times, but the smell just didn't seem to leave. When my roommate came back, she said, " smells good in here - like cilantro!" Are you kidding me? The smell was making me sick. A couple of hours passed while I was just hanging out and doing homework, and I was so bothered by the vile smell that I threw it outside.

A couple weeks later, I went to dinner at one of my friends' parents' house. They made pad thai noodles, and put cilantro all over the top. I knew I smelled it, but still being relatively naive to the ways of cilantro, I took a huge bite of the pad thai. I. wanted. to. vomit. It was so disgusting! Instead, I just drank a ton of water, and left the pad thai using the excuse that I had never tried it before and wasn't sure I was crazy about it.

After that, I have encountered cilantro many more times. I usually catch it on menus and have them leave it out, but one time i ordered some kind of thai soup and there were like 5 whole sprigs sitting on top of it. The next time I ordered it, I asked them to not put cilantro on top and they did. Ugh. I cannot have cilantro tainting my food!

In short, cilantro is disgusting, and the aftertaste is unbearable. I haven't gotten a good taste of it because the times I have consumed it on accident, I try to just drink water and not think about it, but I think it smells like rotten eggs or spoiled milk or some other kind of bad dairy product.