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A Story

For years every time I ate Mexican food, my nose would itch like crazy. For the longest time I attributed it to the rather old decor in our favorite Mexican restaurant but then I noticed this phenomenon in other restaurants too. Even if all I had was chips and salsa, my nose would start to itch horribly. One day I asked the waitress what was in the salsa and all the ingredients were foods I eat regularly except the cilantro.

But I couldn't be positive it was cilantro; I mean, who the hell is allergic to cilantro! It's like being allergic to parsley.

Then one day at a Tex-Sushi style restaurant, I asked the chef to create a sushi roll for us but when I ate one of the pieces, that mysterious nose-itch started up again! Furiously rubbing my nose, I asked him if cilantro was in the sauce and he said yes!

So there you have it.

Today I went to a fairly upscale restaurant and ordered fish and chips. Since they're upscale, the "chips" came with a lovely green sauce of some kind. Delicious.

Right away, though, that nose-itch started up again. Yep. The sauce had cilantro!

So bugger anyone who says you can't be allergic to it; I am and I'm grateful to find others that are as well.