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A Story

So I was about 18, eating a burrito, and chomped my way into a long sprig of green. Being of the voracious kind, I prompty pulled the foliage into my mouth. Then the foul weed made its true intentions known.

The fractions of ounces of cilantro juice that weeped from the stem proceeded to coat my gums and tounge. Within about 2 seconds I had emptied my mouth into the nearest garbage can. I was slightly nauseous and disoriented. Cilantro caused a general and uncomfortable visceral response from my mouth to stomach. My enemy had played his hand.

I have managed to avoid this plant-based kryptonite in foods (finally my OCD was coming in handy). However, I was walking in the produce isle one happy day when the produceman shook out a wet bunch of cilantro before placing it on the shelf. I must have been over 10 feet(AT LEAST) away but managed to be struck so strongly that I had to lean forward in a vain attempt to fight the nausea and disorientation that immediately followed.

I wonder what it is about fellow anti-cilantro pioneer biochemistry that causes such a strong reaction to the plant? What compounds in the cilantro are predominantly responsible for it's allergic effects, etc? E-mail me if ya know! And may all the forces of good shield you from this green menace!