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A Story

I've got too many stories about this repulsive substance to relate, and I just absolutely cannot believe how some people love it, and actually pay money for it and use it purposely in cooking. It's simply disgusting, and tastes like something you shouldn't be eating. And it's a downright shame cause many of my favorite cuisines (Thai, Mexican, Indian, even Chinese) use freakin' cilantro liberally. Now being a gourmet cook, I like many foods/flavorings that take lots of getting used to by most people, and I am also very open to trying new, foreign, or unusual foods (to give you an idea of this, one of my favorite dim sum foods are 1,000 year old eggs!). But cilantro, NO. I cannot and will not tolerate this nasty, evil excuse for an herb. Even if something I am eating has only a little of this stuff, I will either throw the whole thing away or send it back. And even if you are able to get all the flecks out, which is virtually impossible, the demon flavor is still there, trust me. So, my fellow cilantro haters, here is what I think would be the best solution to our problem: to do what I do, that is cook your own Mexican/Thai/whatever kind of food, cilantro free:) If you don't know how to cook, learn'll be well worth it. Before too long, one of us will come out with a cookbook, "International Cooking, Cilantro-free". :)