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A Story

I hate cilantro. There, I've said it. I live in New Mexico, where the New Mexican food doesn't have cilantro, or at least it didn't used to. The cilantro wave hit and what used to be perfectly good salsa is completely ruined. Anything that is supposed to be "fresh" or raw seems to have cilantro in it any more. Whenever I happen to ingest any, everything else I eat tastes like it and I continue to taste it for hours. Luckily, I don't have the allergic reaction some of you seem to. My wife loves this vile substance and buys it from the store and eats it fresh. I won't kiss her when she does. I didn't learn this until after we were married.

I like coriander, however. That is the dried seed pod, sort of like a peppercorn, of the same plant that is cilantro. I also hate cumin or comino, a distaste I inherited from my mom. It has the same effect, tainting anything else I eat, haunting me for hours. Unfortunately this is also often used in Mexican food, but usually more in the Tex-Mex variety, bleahgh.

I vote for stink bugs as the closest taste to cilantro.