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A Story

When my boyfriend and I first started to get serious he invited me to his family reunion as a way to meet the family! As a treat to his family he made his mom's homemade salsa.. He is not exactly the world's greatest cook, so he worked really hard all day perfecting the flavor of the "secret recipe."
The salsa is very different than most salsa's.. it is blended and pureed and looks tasty! BUT, because its blended, it was impossible to distinguish what exactly is in the salsa... so when he was finished, I asked him what was in it? He mentioned the mentionable things, none of which were cilantro, so I thought I was safe!! We took the salsa to his family reunion. I am not typically a big salsa fan, but when his mother told me what an excelent job Jose had done on the salsa, I had to give it a try. I took a chip and dug deep into the salsa.. shoved the chip in my mouth, with a huge smile on my face. In a split second I had spit the chip and the salsa BACK INTO THE SALSA DIP! And to top it off, the cilantro triggered my gag reflex and i ended up THROWING UP in the salsa!!!!
I was mortified.