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A Story

One lovely Florida day I was out having some quality mother-daughter time with you guessed it--my mom! (Funny how that works.) Feeling the hunger coming on we popped into a resturaunt with a chic take on a retro diner.

We ordered. Waited. And then out came the food.

Half way through my wrap something just wasn't right. The taste. The texture. That funny feeling in my tummy followed by the a slight headache and a warm sensation flowing through my body. Food poisoning? Nah, couldn't be. After closer inspection of my food I discovered that no longer is cilantro just a herb, but it's also a leafy green. Or at least that's how this place's kitchen staff had decided to use it. Yes folks, there was more cilantro than lettuce on this puppy.

I only wished I had stopped after that first bite. But having had no real prior experiences with the stuff, and despite the unpleasent taste, my hunger had led me down a rotten path.

After leaving the place things only got worse. Much worse. Slight hives. A migrane. The sweats. And a lovely trip to a McDonald's bathroom to deposit my lunch. I spent the whole two hour ride home layed out in the back seat as misserable as counld be.