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A Story

I have hated c... for over 35 years, since I walked into my nextdoor neighbor's house and almost collapsed from lack of oxygen from the smell of c... It took a long time to figure out what it was, because I avoided Mexican food for a long time, so worried that I might be exposed to whatever it was. It literally knocks the wind out of me.

All of the other stories on this site are quite true about restaurants putting c... on everything and thinking it's gourmet.

My experience is that if I go to a Mexican restaurant and ask politely for "no c... por favor. Nunca. Nada," they still think it's okay to put "justamente pocito." I have to say "Tan alergio" and even then, they put some in. It's usually mixed in their salsa or in their onions or in something else you can't get it out of.

And have you noticed that Sunset magazine and others think EVERYTHING must have it? Oh, it's just so dam trendy!