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A Story

I remember it well...My first week working at a Tex Mex Restaurant. I love Mexican food and am the type of person who will pretty much eat anything. Not anymore. I was in a training rotation so I was given the task to garnish each plate that came out of the oven with a mixture known as ROC (I later learned that it stood for Red Onions and Cilantro). Anyway, I was using rubber gloves to garnish each plate and didn't realize what was in store for me once I left work. The horror began as soon as my 10 hour shift was over. Once I got out of the restaurant and into the fresh air I realized that there was a smell that was following me. Upon getting into my car it intensified. I ran my fingers through my hair and noticed that my hands smelled a terrible stench. The enemy had penetrated through my rubber gloves! I did not know what I was dealing with at the time. As soon as I got home I scrubbed my hands and took a long hot shower. My hands still smelled, but thinking that everything was back to normal, I blow dried and curled my hair. To my absolute disgust, as soon as the heat from the curling iron penetrated my hair, the awful smell was reactivated! My hair smelled like the enemy! I panicked and sprayed as much hair product into my hair as possible. I made tons of money at that job, so I didn't want to quit. Not until I ate one of our burritos garnished with the ROC did I realize what I was dealing with. The cilantro absolutely ruined my meal! I ordered my food without it after that experience, but to save my life I chose to stop curling my hair.