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A Story

Unlike most of the stories I've read, I started out neutral on cilantro. I have no real opinion on the taste, but there are some definite unpleasant associations there. Whenever I get that taste in my mouth, be it in Mexican food, Thai food, Indian, new-age mango salsa fusion stuff, whatever, I have a particular memory flash back with vivid detail.

It was Christmastime. Myself, my wife, and some friends had been out making merry. I decided I liked white ale, despite the odd tang of coriander. I liked it lots. I also liked the egg nog. These are two things that do NOT mix.

The flavor of cilantro and coriander evokes an image of the gallons of white ale, a dark, freezing ally, and a nasty hangover. Cilantro is not the enemy in this case, but it is dead to me.