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A Story

I feel like I have done this experience backwards... I never had a problem with cilantro until 5 years ago when I lost a middle-eastern meal exactly 12 hours after eating it. I assumed it was a "bug" (since I work diligently at not throwing up for decades at a time) and forgot about it. Then this year, my husband made a beautiful grilled salmon dish with coriander seeds that had me locking my teeth closed and deep breathing with my head pressed on the shower stall tiles until the nausea passed as quickly as it started... at this point, I start to look for connections. Tonight, we had a lovely curry dish created by my step-daughter who loves to cook and does it very well, made with a few spoonfuls of a prepared curry paste - well, I had it for about 30 minutes before every last bit of it left the way it came in. I hopped on the internet searching for more clues and wound up here. I know it's not an allergy since I have not swollen up like a pufferfish, and I don't have the "funny taste" from it... is it possible that it can just make me vomit anyway?