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A Story

The first time I discovered the nasty herb, I was working at a restaurant here in Northern California (as a dishwasher. My first teenage job.)

We received free meals, but the restaurant was a little too 'New California Cuisine' for me and the only thing I thought I could eat on the menu was the Chicken Salad. What a great meal! I thought, with the huge chunks of grilled chicken in a wonderful-smelling dressing.

My joy turned to disgust upon my first bite, where I had unleashed the horrid internal funk of the leafy terror. I brought my own food to work every day after that.

It's been a culinary minefield of cilantro-bombs buried deep in meal after meal ever since. I even had a girlfriend for a while who took it upon herself (the dear) to police my foods at Mexican and Indian restaurants where I would invariably forget to mention my 'special' needs to the waitstaff, lovingly removing most traces for me before starting to eat. Bless her soul.