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A Story

I first discovered I was allergic to cilantro/corriander was in the early 80s when having dinner w/ friends who had recently immigrated from VietNam. the spring rolls smelled delicious, but when I began to eat them, there was this green parsley like herb/vege that frankly tasted like soap. Having my degree in botany, I wondered what gave this plant its flavor, but did not like it. In fact, it made me ill and I did not want to eat it, and found it difficult to be a good guest, but I gagged what I could down to be polite, feigned being stuffed, and went home. That evening I had the worse cramps/diarreha I had had in years!The episode lasted for about 3-4 days.

To add insult to great pain, ever since cilantro became everyone's favorite herb, it has become VERY difficult to eat mexican or certain asian food. WORSE experience - going w/ my daughter's viet boyfriend to a vietnamese restaurant and we could not find ONE item w/out fresh corriander added and it was intermingled w/ everything ( i got a burger later!)