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A Story

So, something very unusual happened to me last weekend.

I'm one of the unfortunate members of society who has the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. I can sometimes ignore VERY small amounts of cilantro in food, but anything more than a little bit and it's just too unpleasant to eat.

Except last weekend, I was eating at Acapulco with some friends, and I had a tostada salad with unfortunately a rather significant amount of cilantro in it. I also had a couple of house margaritas (which are better than the top shelf margaritas there for some reason).

And suddenly the bad cilantro gene switched off. Within a few seconds I became aware of a flavor I'd never tasted before in my tostada salad -- no longer tasting bitter, musty, and soapy, all of a sudden, the food was filled with this fresh, green, and absolutely delicious flavor, similar in a lot of ways to mint.

It was fantastic. So THAT'S why so many people love cilantro! It adds so much to Mexican food! If it tasted like that all the time, I'd love it too.

Sadly, the effects of whatever (perhaps the alcohol?) faded within about five minutes, and the food went back to tasting a bit unpleasant.

What a pity.