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A Story

My boyfriend is allergic to cilantro. His first run-in was at a mexican joint we always used to go to. All of a sudden they started putting cilantro in their salsa. We loved their food, and it was good before... why change it? When he eats something with cilantro, he says it tastes metallic. Then he gets stomach cramps, cold sweats, and severe vomiting. Then he smells like cilantro for at least 24 hours after. I mean, it's like he's got cilantro body spray on. I don't really mind the stuff, I guess because I'm not allergic to it. But now that I've looked into it, and because of his severe reaction, I make sure that everything we buy doesn't have cilantro in it. And because most salsa now a days has it, I'm going to start making our own. But when I looked up recipes, a lot of salsa recipes now include it. I'm just going to leave it out. And now that I know that it's coriander, I'm going to watch for that too. I just wonder how many people out there have this problem, and are afraid to face it? Or don't even know? I hope over time we can shut out cilantro, or at least make it a 'if you'd like it' garnish.
Peace, Love, and Happiness to all.