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A Story

I hated cilantro for a long time before I even knew what it was. My friends and I would go to this vietnamese resaurant where they used cilantro as a garnish. At the time I thought it was parsley - and I like parsley - so I'd just mix it into the food. But I started to notice that every time I ate there the food had this wierd taste to it. The strange thing was that it wasn't in every bite, so I could enjoy most of it, but once in a while get a sour bite. For a while I thought it was the nuts that they used, but then I realized that it was the parsley. I stopped mixing it into my food and the problem was solved. Much later I tried some cilantro. My brother was a chef and loved to put huge quantities of it in everything - it ws then that I realized that this was the exact same taste that I got from that 'parsley' at the restaurant. After that I became a passionate anti-cilantro activist. I had to fight my brother everytime he cooked to leave the cilantro out - not just reduce the quantity because it over powers every other taste and ruins the whole meal.
More recently though I've come to accept small amounts of it in my food - but the second I can taste it, I'm finished.