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A Story

I grew up in Houston and have eaten Tex Mex all my life. Iíve been living in the Northeast off and on for the past 26 years. Just canít find decent Tex Mex here regardless of whether it has that weed (I canít even write it down it disgusts me so much) on it or not. My first encounter with the weed was on a business trip to San Francisco in 1989. I was traveling with three coworkers whoíve lived in the East all their lives and have never had real Tex Mex. We went out to dinner to a so called Mexican restaurant in Vallejo. As is customary, before dinner arrived I started on the chips and picante sauce. After the first bite I noticed a weird after taste. I tried some more but it was still there. I thought, oh this is just great! I love picante sauce and chips but I canít eat this stuff. It has such a hideous taste! I commented to my coworkers that the picante sauce tasted kind of funny. That there was some kind of spice or something in the sauce. One of my coworkers says ďoh, thatís (the weed), they put that in Mexican foodĒ. I said to him, ďhow the hell would you know, youíve never had authentic Tex MexĒ. They never put that in the TexMex I grew up with!

From that point on I have grown to hate that weed with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. Itís in everything! Whatís worse, my favorite TexMex restaurant in Houston came under new management and you guessed it, theyíre putting that noxious weed into their picante sauce. I used to put picante sauce on all the dishes I ate. That vile weed has ruined one of my favorite foods not to mention other cuisines. I have to ask the waiter if that weed is in whatever I ordered just to be on the safe side. I tell them that Iím allergic to it and if I were to eat any I would get a violent reaction or possibly kill the chef. I pray everyday that God will deliver me (us) from this plague.