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A Story

I HATE cilantro. I think it is the worst taste that someone can surprise you with in food. My father shares my hatred and I only recently discovered that my paternal grandfather also despised the disgusting weed. I believe these things should be discussed in families, we should no longer have to keep our loathing a secret because we feel like nobody understands. When it's in my food, I actually become angry at the taste. I immediately have to stop eating, and my most recent sneak attack resulted in me having a strange reaction - I was hot, I was breathing funny, my tongue felt numb and my stomach hurt, not to mention I had some weird spots on my face for a few hours after. I now realize I may be allergic. Which would explain the violent and angry reaction I have toward it.

Additionally, I find myself getting upset with people who like it, I somehow end up feeling as if they must be lying because the idea that the tongue numbing metallic soapy taste could be enjoyed by anyone is a complete and utter impossibility to me. It is those cilantro eating people who perpetuate the sense that it is ok to just have it land in your food, whereas for me, it is offensive when it goes undercover and ends up in something it has no business being in. When you react against it like I do, you learn to avoid things and be vigilant in your avoidance of it, you know that certain things aren’t safe…but when that nasty, sneaky little weed all of a sudden goes on some covert mission and ends up in a food it has no business in, that's when I am ready to start throwing fists.

We all deserve the right to choose whether it ends up on our plate.