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A Story

I went over to my friend Lily's house on the promise that she was going to make burgers and that they were going to be AWESOME. Turns out it was actually her mother making the burgers, and the woman walked in the door with a BAG full of cilantro at least as big as her package of hamburger meat. Aparently, in Lily's deranged family, it's totally normal to mix HUGE amounts of cilantro into the raw hamburger meat BEFORE it is cooked. Also, since they don't like the cilantro to sit around in the fridge, invariably they just mix ALL the cilantro they have on hand into the burgers.
This produces two effects. First, as you can expect, burgers that are actually about half plant are pretty disgusting. I had to practically drown the thing in mustard t make it eddible. The other side effect was that cilantro burgers don't hold together like regular burgers, they crumble into little bits while you're eating them. So not only did I eat a burger that tasted like tin-can flavored grass, I got mustard all over my shirt.
Thanks, cilantro.