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A Story

I'm not sure I remember the first time I had cilantro but when I did it quickly pushed anchovies and chives from first place of foods that make me gag. I hate it! I've always said its my kryptonite. When i read an article last year about how some scientists believe that the reason hot sauce kills some bacteria is because of cilantro I started to feel like I was a big piece of bacteria reacting to the cilantro. Now that i see that there is a community I know there is hope. My fathe rloves it he once grabbed a big bushel of it rinsed it in the sink and took a big bite and said "ahh - delicious" and I felt like I din't understand the world anymore. Cilantro has overtones of plastic or some chemical that my brain quickly tells me is not supposed to be going in my body - like Taco Bell meat but much worse. God speed!