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A Story

ok, So I had just heard two strange un-related food facts. 1: Some people think Cilantro tastes like soap, and this may be a genetic thing. 2: garlic + Olive Oil can Breed Botchulism. The Garlic thing scared me a little, and the Cilantro thing gave me a chuckle, I assumed I was not one of these people since I have never noticed a soapy taste in my mexican food... UNTIL THIS EVENING, I was making some dinner, and i did a little stir-fry with pasta, I included some store bought garlic in a jar, and while I was plopping a big spoonfull of it into my meal, I remembered the botchulism thing, and cringed a little, I opened up a jar of pesto sauce and tossed it with the cooked pasta and then tossed in the chicken/veggies etc... and I noticed a strange odor, The stir-fry tasted fine before i dumped it into the pasta, but as I was eating it together, I thought it tasted like soap... I thought perhaps the pasta pot had not been rinsed well but it was A LOT of soap, as if I used Soap instead of olive oil. As I continued to eat, it was UNBEARABLE, so i stopped, I started to get a numbness on my tounge, and my vision was blurry, my stomach hurt and I felt generally aweful. I rememberd the scary garlic-botchulism thing and paniced, but the numbness went away, so I gave some of the meal to my roomate (to see if it killed him or not) I figured if he ate a whole pot of it and didn't die I was probably in the clear. Well he not only didn't die, he thought it was delicious and asked me what was in it. So i told him the ingredients and held up the jar of pesto which I noticed for the first time was not PESTO which is made with BASIL, but "CILANTRO PESTO" which contained cilantro and no basil at all. This explained the soapy taste and illness, I GUESS I HAVE THE CILANTRO GENE, but as far as I know the Garlic wasn't tainted.