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A Story

SOAPY HELL. Yes, there must be some kind of cilantro gene and said gene must have the characteristic of making its carier percieve cilantro's taste as soapy. My loathing of cilantro began when my mother prepared stuffed mushrooms and shrimp scampi for myself and my friend one night. She could not find parsley at the store and decided, instead, to substitute cilantro - EQUAL PORTIONS. Needless to say the dishes were overwhelmed with cilantro. Up to this point in my life (I was about 20 at the time) I had never even noticed the taste of cilantro. But, that night I most cetainly noticed it. My mouth was bursting with the taste of soap; the dinner was horrid. Ever since then I can not even stand a single flake of the stuff. I love mexican food and dining out and my aversion for cilantro can turn any meal into hell at a moments notice.
I have no doubt now that I have the gene and that it was activated that night.