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A Story

I was young, it was my first full-time job. I often went out with my friends mid-week and got insanely drunk, as 19-year-olds (in Australia) do... one day I came to work, struggled through the morning and figured the thing to fix me up would be a large, delicious chicken pad thai noodle dish for lunch. Imagine my horror when, halfway through, almost feeling normal again, I took a huge bite of, you guessed it! I had no idea what it was, was something off? I bravely tried to keep eating, only to experience this flavour again and again. How truly awful. On discussing my experience with a colleague, she assured me it was probably lemongrass that was the problem, which led to several more encounters with 'the curly leaf' before I realised to ask for NO CORIANDER in future... on the upside, my future husband and I bonded over the fact that we were the first people either of us had met who don't like coriander. As a couple of other Aussies on this site have confirmed, the wicked herb seems to have appeared in many dishes of all varieties in Australia over the past 10 years....