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A Story

One night a group of us went to what is "supposed" to be one of the best Thai restaurants in Sydney, and the memory of that night will forever be burnt into my memory, in a way that things shouldn’t be burnt into anyone’s memory.

My dislike of Coriander/ Cilantro is not unknown, in fact I've discussed at length my dislike of the leaf of said plant, however find the ground dried root an agreeable addition to many a dish, which apparently isn't entirely uncommon amongst those of us with taste buds.

Anyway, EVERY dish that came to the table was FULL of the dreaded coriander, sometimes shredded so finely, almost pureed, that I couldn’t pick it out and was forced to swallow the vile herb in order to make room in my little bowl for other coriander ridden courses.

When I said something about all the coriander, all the precious princess that had organized the do had to say was “Well, this is a Thai restaurant, what do you expect?” to add even more sting to the evening, I then had to shell out $100 for the displeasure.