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A Story

My well-to-do Jewish Orthodox friends invited me over for the traditional Sabbath meal; the Matriarch of the family announced, "we have rice with Cilantro," like it was some sort of magical rice (like I was supposed to say, "oooOoooOoO, cilantro). I think some people like to say words (like cilantro, or as Jerry Seinfeld would say "salsa") because they think it sounds fancy. I like rice, so I gave it a try. When I ate this stuff, the expression on my face was as if someone took a dump in my hat. I thought the purpose of Dawn was to take grease out of the way, not put the taste of soap in my GI tract. My wife now tells me something is wrong with my genetics because I don't like the taste of Cilantro. Anyway, Greetings from Miami Beach.